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About CyberInt

Before hackers can break through, CyberInt is there.

Before your vulnerabilities are visible, CyberInt has you covered.


CyberInt deals with the cyber threat, not the cyber event.

By looking beyond the perimeter and providing constant vigilance of cyber activities, CyberInt can eliminate potential threats before they become crises. The expertise in cyber intelligence and protection of online activities defends companies of any size and nature. Its personalized services arm your company with the tools to protect itself from targeted threats


CyberInt specialize in looking at all your online activities and assets from an attacker’s perspective. Since, we think like hackers and understand how they behave, our “from the outside in” approach allows for a comprehensive understanding of what needs to be monitored and safeguarded, setting us up to provide safety beyond the perimeter.

CyberInt is a leading global provider of Information and Next generation Cybersecurity solutions.

The unique combination of cutting-edge technologies and vast expertise in Cybersecurity are key in dealing with the complexities of today’s cyber-attacks.

With CyberInt, we believe in a holistic approach that covers all your organization’s cyber security aspects. From an assessment of your current security posture, to a full solution which is fundamentally built on our targeted Intelligence platform, cyber protection platform, elite intelligence and cybersecurity methodologies of our cyber response and analysis team.  

CyberInt customers spread across all market sectors, including Israel’s government as well as Telecom companies, Banks and Financial institutions, leading online software companies and other Fortune 500 organizations.

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