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DDoS as a Service


DDoS as a Service Protection provides organisations with the most comprehensive protection against challenging Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.  In the cybersecurity landscape, DDoS attack’s impact are the most obvious as it cripples the organisation’s services ( example corporate website, applications which their clients uses, emails and infrastructure) and ability to operate. This results in downtime in network assets, impacts critical applications and availability of websites and DNS services.


Three Pillar Cybersecurity DDoS Protection


Threat actors targeting an organisation for financial and political agendas will find all ways to bring your corporate infrastructure and online services down. They are getting more sophisticated, often using of multi-vector attacks with different tools and techniques. In order to effectively protect your organisation from these threat actors, a comprehensive DDoS Protection platform comprising of 3 pillars is required. 




Web Protection Pillar

  • A solution that provides comprehensive web protection

  • Protection covers Layer 3 , Layer 4 & Layer 7 , HTTP (Port 80 & 443) , WAF with Caching capabilities.

Origin (Infrastructure) Protection Pillar

  • A solution which guards against an organisation's network resources.

DNS Protection Pillar

  • A solution that protects your organisation from volumetric and reflection attacks on your DNS servers.  

Multi-layered Mitigation

Protection against level 3 to level 7 attacks including: DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks, TCP SYN+ACK, TCP FIN, TCP RESET, TCP ACK, TCP PSH+ACK, TCP Fragment, UDP, Slowloris, Spoofing, ICMP, IGMP, HTTP Flood, Brute Force, Connection Flood, Ping of Death, Smurf, Reflected ICMP and UDP, SSL Flood, Zero-Day attacks, and more.

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