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The Argos™ Online Asset Protection platform scans your digital footprint to produce alerts and reports for malicious activities. These include: defacements, spamming, malware drop-off, links to phishing sites, account take over and more. Once a malicious activity is identified, alerts are disseminated automatically for immediate mitigation or in some cases automatically mitigated.

While most breaches are discovered days or even months after the facts, Argos enables you to:

  • Detect compromised online assets and respond in real time

  • Monitor online assets from one central location

  • React to malicious activity in real time

  • Protect your employees, users and followers

Argos™ Online Asset Protection combines both
technological and human resources to:
  • Scan your online assets regularly – social media networks, web properties, blogs,

  • DNS records, and IP Blacklists

  • Mimic user behavior using browser sand-boxing capabilities preventing defacements

  • Take mitigating action in real time

  • Protect your brand and stakeholders

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