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About Nexusguard

As a longtime leader in DDoS defense, Nexusguard is at the forefront of the fight against malicious Internet attacks, protecting organizations worldwide from threats to their websites, services, and reputations. Continually evolving to face new threats as they emerge, we have the tools, insight, and know-how to protect our clients’ vital business systems no matter what comes their way.

“Enabling the Internet the way it is meant to be.”

Nexusguard's overriding objective is to prevent attacks that disrupt online businesses and enable the use of the Internet as intended. We protect companies of all sizes with premium Internet security solutions, empowering them to focus on their business — and not on how to maintain business uptime. Our dedicated account managers work relentlessly to ensure all customer needs are met. And every day, our experienced security experts and researchers fortify Nexusguard’s repository of attack signatures — a critical resource for quickly formulating on-target mitigation strategies and better security solutions. 


Nexusguard is wholly owned by Legend Ventures Holding (LVH), with a vision of establishing a multi-discipline empire. The corporation has a specific focus in engaging in real estate developments and investments in Asia undertaking strategic partnerships in financial markets, most recently investing in promising growing technology startups. 

Nexusguard's global presence means global security.

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