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CybeReadiness™ Suite
Bring the Power of Automation to your Team
The suite integrates several types of simulators in order to validate the organization’s awareness, efficiency, and maturity across all stages of the ‘Kill Chain’ and tests your time to detection and response procedures. This automated process is augmented by CyberInt’s CyberOPS team and an array of other elite services. Together, they enable CISOs to generate automated cyber readiness reports with detailed index measurements, demonstrated improvement over time, and problematic areas which require addressing.
A Technology Platform Coupled with Expert Cybersecurity Services

The CybeReadiness Suite encompasses a technology platform which is coupled with CyberInt’s expert cybersecurity services. Allowing you to build and schedule your own complex attack scenarios and get automated live metrics and insights to assess the state of your cybersecurity posture.


Some of these complex attack scenarios include:
APT Attack, Stealth APT Attack, Spear Phishing Attack, Espionage Attack, Data Theft Attack, Account Takeover, DDoS Attack and more.

Unique Value Proposition
  • Adopt a Proactive Approach to Enhance and Improve your Cyber Posture through the Perspective of an Attacker

  • Continuously Measure your Detection and Response Capabilities

  • Ongoing Assessment of your Resilience Against Advanced and Evolving Cyber Threats

  • Gain Visibility into your Cyber Defense’s Improvement Progress

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