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Susan makes sure that your supply chain is as Cyber Ready as you are. She knows that worry alone won’t protect your company’s internal security from cyber criminals.


If neither your partners, your vendors, nor your service providers are protected against cyber, their weaknesses will become your own. Susan makes sure this won’t happen to you. If any of your supply chain vendors or suppliers are threatened by vulnerabilities or breaches, you’ll still stay secure.


As a first step, Susan maps out your entire supply chain and digital ecosystem. She then aligns her results with you to make sure nothing is missing. Once this is done, she starts monitoring your supply chain for indications of compromise, known vulnerabilities, and also runs a general maturity assessment of your supply chain processes.

Susan uses advanced technologies and a team of experts to continuously track your entire supply chain, and to identify any new risks which your supply chain may expose. Once such a risk is exposed, Susan takes action immediately, and reports it back to you, while putting mitigation actions in place to help you and your and team with the implementation.


Susan knows how much the digital ecosystem is interconnected and includes your suppliers, vendors, service providers, affiliates, and partners. These connections expose your business to substantial risk.

Using our Argos Intelligence Platform, Susan and her team of analysts allow you to take the correct actions to prevent and resolve any indications of compromise in your supply chain. Susan’s intelligence tools provide you with the insight your company lacks to better understand the cyber threats within this ecosystem, and prioritize the relevant indicators to your organization specifically.

Susan continuously monitors your supply chain for indications of compromise, allowing you to react in real time so that your digital ecosystem will not danger your business.
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